LESH is a line of hand-woven jewelry created by photographer turned fiber-artist, Summer Moore. Inspired by antique Andean textiles seen throughout the Sacred Valley of Peru, Summer returned home to New York eager to learn the intricate practice of weaving. Upon speaking with her family about her new interest, she discovered her grandmother, Helen Jane, had been an avid weaver as well. Helen had introduced Summer to a wide range of creative mediums throughout her childhood, instilling the value of individual expression through craft. Although they never had the opportunity to weave together, her grandmother's unique tapestries continue to inspire Summer’s development as a fiber artist. Lesh was Helen Jane’s maiden name.

     Upon further ancestral research, it was discovered that the ties to weaving within the Lesh lineage run incredibly deep. In 1710 Johann Lesh, at the age of 12, traveled by boat from Germany to New York with his family, encamping on whats now known as Governors Island. He apprenticed with a linen weaver in New York for some time, before joining the rest of his family in PA. This discovery affirms the deep connection Summer has to the craft, knowing it dates back to her 7th Great Grandfather. 



     With LESH, each handwoven piece is made of cotton fibers from Brazil, thread that is produced from recycled plastic bottles, and hand-dyed cording. Since initiating her fiber-based work, Summer has participated in artist residencies and workshops that have helped shape her practice in seminal ways, including a self-guided textile residency in the small Cappadocian village of Ibrahimpasa, and ceramic workshops at the celebrated Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.


        Along with creating pieces for LESH, Summer is a prop stylist on  photoshoots, where her love of color and texture are implemented into editorials and advertisements. You can view this work at www.summerprops.com.

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