Image of Deco Bracelet

Deco Bracelet


Handwoven cuff in gold lamé with exposed warp detail, and custom designed brass clasp. Please select either the cool or warm color palette.

Lesh jewelry is one of kind and made to order. Each piece will have variations in color and pattern, while keeping within the same general design. Please allow approximately 2 weeks for production.

If not pleased with your piece, you may exchange it unworn for another item of equal value, within two weeks of receiving.

Image of Deco Bracelet
Image of Lale Necklace
Lale Necklace
Image of Mitla Necklace
Mitla Necklace
Image of Petit Bracelet
Petit Bracelet
Image of Miraj Necklace
Miraj Necklace
Image of Damla Necklace
Damla Necklace
Image of Yaz Necklace
Yaz Necklace
Image of Sonrisa Necklace
Sonrisa Necklace
Image of Eclisse Necklace
Eclisse Necklace
Image of Delfin Necklace
Delfin Necklace
Image of Yilan Necklace
Yilan Necklace
Image of Evi Bracelet
Evi Bracelet
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